Additive manufacturing of inorganic polymers

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01-024 Paolo Colombo Colombo, P.(Università degli Studi di Padova); Ceramic structures for various applications were fabricated by additive manufacturing using stereolithography (DLP) and Direct Ink Writing (DIW). For stereolithography, different commercially available polysiloxanes were selected, physically combined and photocrosslinked using visible light. By changing the rations between the components in the liquid mixture, we were able to modify characteristics of the material (after pyrolysis) such as the carbon content of the resulting SiOC ceramic, the shrinkage and the ceramic yield. Metakaolin-based geopolymer components were fabricated by Additive Manufacturing (Direct Ink Writing). Printable inks were obtained by controlling the composition, rheology and additives in the formulation as well as taking advantage of the time during which the viscosity of the system was rather constant. High-porosity components were produced for potential use as water purification filters.
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