Young Ceramists Network – connecting young ceramists within Europe and beyond

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07-019 Andraž Kocjan Kocjan, A.(Jožef Stefan Institute); Frankberg, E.(Tampere University of Technology); Hautcoeur, D.(Belgian Ceramic Research Centre); Lasgorceix, M.(Belgian Ceramic Research Centre); Silvestroni, L.(Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics); Ceramics and ceramic-based materials accompany humanity from its earliest archetypal records in the form of artistic and glassware items, while nowadays ceramics are becoming an integral part of modern technological development. Having ceramists professionals united and connected is thus extremely important to ensure future blossoming of the field. However, the background of ceramists’ professional is exceptionally colourful potentially leading to dissimilar understanding and experience of ceramics, since a ceramist can be a mechanical or chemical engineer, chemist, physicists or even dentist. The European environment with its enrich diverseness of languages and cultures can add up to the unconnected state of the active ceramist professionals potentially leading to partial isolation. Therefore, it is of great importance that the networking among young ceramists involved in research or from industry is initiated at the earliest stage possible to help boost their development and subsequent enhanced implementation of ceramics and ceramic-related technologies. 

Motivated by European Ceramic Society and supported by JECS Trust we have recently reinvented Young Ceramists Network (YCN) setting a new executive committee and actions to improve the network impact connecting young students and professionals being developed and active in the ceramics-related fields. The ultimate goal is to build one of the biggest and best networks in the ceramics domain within Europe and beyond that will help young ceramists to flourish in their environment also helping them to evolve their vision/idea about ceramic-based components or technologies, which would in the long run help to attract more companies to implement them. In the present paper, the YCN will be presented in detail together with its mission, activities, impact and future plans.
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