Fabrication and properties of Y2O3 transparent ceramic by plasma arc melting

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06-155 Andrzej Jan Kruk Kruk, A.J.(University of Information Technology and Management); Madej, D.(AGH University of Science and Technology); Commercial yttrium oxide and selected rare earth doped yttrium oxide were used to fabricate transparent ceramics by arc plasma synthesis. The physicochemical properties, microstructures and optical properties of the Y2O3 ceramics melted were investigated in detail. The results showed that when the samples were melted, the average grain sizes of the ceramics were about 5-15 µm. The pure Y2O3 ceramic had the in-line transmission exceed 50% in visible range and increase in infrared the wavelength range. The optical absorption measurements were used to estimate an optical band gap (Eopt) and the refractive index (n). The results of measuring Faraday effect indicated that additives significance improve Verdet constant. Acknowledgements Support from the 2016/23/D/ST8/00014 (National Science Centre, NCN, Poland) grants is gratefully acknowledged.
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