Sustainability in Ocean Mining for the Production of Glass Sand

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11-018 Luciano Rocha Rocha, L.(Mineração Jundu); Delboni Jr., H.(USP); This study aims to show the importance of the oceans and its mineral wealth. It intends also to show the big responsibility that an undersea enterprise must bear concerning the environmental impact. It shows the availability to mine in a sustainable way in the bottom of the sea. The undersea mining is still raising, now is the auspicious time to suggest sustainably submarine work methodologies; to mitigate its impact. This study covers the historic, legal and environmental aspects, as well as technical issues of mining engineering such as undersea survey, process mineralogy, undersea mining, mineral beneficiation for marine glass sand. This study presents the steps and results of a real subsea exploration case. The studied ore is a marine sand from Baía de Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro), aiming to supply industrial market. This is a feasibility and technical study to show how to exploit and process this kind of ore.
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