Unravelling diffraction pattern of glass, liquids, and amorphous materials

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10-034 Shinnji Kohara Kohara, S.(National Institute for Materials Science); Onodera, Y.(Kyoto University); Tahara, S.(University of the Ryukyus); Masuno, A.(Hirosaki University); The structure of glassy, liquid, and amorphous materials is still not well understood due to their lack of distinct translational periodicity, which, in turn, is the result of disorder. It is well known that glass forming oxide materials exhibit a first sharp diffraction peak (FSDP) in diffraction patterns, manifesting the formation of intermediate-range ordering. In this study, we try to unravel the origin of diffraction from several disordered materials. Furthermore, a topological analysis method employing persistent homology proposed by Hiraoka et al. will be introduced to unlock the relationship between diffraction pattern and topology.
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