New way to identify ceramics and glasses with tailor-made properties

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07-022 Stanislav Kuzyakin Kuzyakin, S.(Natural Sciences Information Centre); Gladkova, G.(Natural Sciences Information Centre);
Ceramics and glasses have vast range of applications: from cutting tools to integrated circuits. Every application imposes strict requirements to specific properties like conductivity. To meet the requirements tailor-made materials are designed and produced, with thorough background research.
Nowadays the background research is done using information tools but none of them is able to retrieve substances with the desired properties: references or substance profiles should be screened for a specific property and evaluated for its value. Evaluation is a tricky task because scientists love to depict the essential data graphically as plots. This is a cumbersome and time-consuming process in the age of information technologies.
To satisfy the modern needs of background research we have designed and implemented the new information tool: GlaCer database. The core of this database is experimental data points for materials' properties linked to the syntheses. The sources of data are leading journals and patents. The search is possible either by property values or the composition. The power of the database lies in graphical data digitization culminating into the «big bang» of data which otherwise is concealed. Examples of data discovery will be shown.
The talk also discloses the analysis of collected data. The types of ceramics and glasses and their distribution in the literature flow will be specified. Investigated properties are analyzed, grouped and discussed - magnetic, mechanical, electric, optical and others.
Some insights on the magnitude of property values are given. Synthesis influence is revealed. Trends and gaps in the aims of experiments as well as the spotlights and periphery of the research goals will be demonstrated. Examples of recent impressive results will be displayed and the role of information systems in the future research will be discussed.
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