Creation of a Glass Technician Training Course in Brazil

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11-019 Mauro Akerman Akerman, M.(Escola do vidro); Rodrigues, A.C.(Federal University of São Carlos); Glass production in Brazil has grown significantly and the country’s nominal production capacity today is 12,000 tons/day, comprising mainly flat and container glass.
New ways are needed to develop the skills of human resources required by the glass industry. In Brazil there is no proper technical school that offers education in glass, so the industry should provide vocational education. 
In the state of São Paulo, where sixty-five percent of glass manufacturing plants are located, the state-owned institution “Centro Paula Souza”  entered into a partnership with the Brazilian Technical Association of Automated Glass Industries (ABIVIDRO) and the Center for Research, Technology and Education in Vitreous Materials (CeRTEV) to create a Glass Technician Training Course, begining February 2018.  
The course, which is designed for a duration of three semesters, comprises a total of 1200 class hours and will be given in laboratories, using equipment traditionally employed in the glass industry for the production and testing of raw materials, glass, and glass products. 
The course will be divided into three main areas: (1) Basic scientific concepts about the physical and chemical phenomena involved in industrial glass production processes and properties of the end products; (2) General knowledge about informatics, instrumentation applied to glass processes, report writing, project design, work safety, maintenance, etc.; and (3) Specific aspects of glass production, such as glass structure and properties, raw materials, formulation, glass furnace operation, combustion, refractories, environment, glass forming and annealing, glass transformation, etc. 
This technical and vocational glass training course is expected to upgrade the performance of workers in the glass industry, thereby positively affecting the quality and productivity of glass produced in Brazil.
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