New perovskites for use in protonic solid oxide fuel cells

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06-170 Daniel Zanetti de Florio Cuer, R.d.(Federal University of ABC); de Florio, D.Z.(Federal University of ABC); Authors: Rafael de Freitas Cuer, Daniel Zanetti de Florio
Affiliation: Federal University of ABC (UFABC)

This work focuses on the research of high efficiency and durability materials for use in protonic solid oxide fuel cells. The focused material on this stage of research is BaZr0,5-xCe0,5-yYxGdyO3-δ (BZCYG). In an innovative approach, it is attempted to join the good proton conductivity of a barium cerate with the chemical stability of a barium zirconate. Its synthesis is done via Pechinni method using nitrates of the desired ions. The property characterization methods used until now were TGA/DSC, to determine the calcination temperature; dilatometry, to assess the sintering behavior with and without sintering aid (Ni2O3); and X-ray diffraction (XRD), to make sure the desired phase was obtained. The main problem faced while dealing with materials of this kind is their poor sinterability [1]. To overcome the presently non-ideal sintering behaviour of the material, the use of sintering aids is a must and Ni2O3 has been the present go-to aid [2]. The ideal composition was already obtained, with single phase formation being identified through XRD. The next step on this project is to characterize the material using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). With that, it is expected not only to verify the material’s protonic conductivity but also verify the feasibility of using it as a hydrogen sensor by itself, as the protonic conductivity varies with the concentration of hydrogen [3].

Acknowledgements: UFABC, Capes, CNPq.

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