From design to application of TiC(N)/SiC(N) Nanocomposites derived from preceramic polymers

Reference Presenter Authors
18-042 Maxime Balestrat Balestrat, M.(Institut de Recherche sur les Céramiques); Cretin, M.(Institut Européen des Membranes); Bernard, S.(Institut de Recherche sur les Céramiques);

There is a trend toward more flexibility and an increased interest in “smart” and “adaptive” materials with the objective to meet most industrial specifications. Carbides and carbonitrides can be considered as such strategic materials. They attract increasing interest due to their properties targeted for future materials and technologies especially because they bear intrinsic multifunctionality through the synthesis of multi-element compounds. Inherent difficulties to the traditional techniques for manufacturing such multi-element materials can be overcome by the development of synthetic paths where chemistry of materials and ceramic science are combined rationally to process multi-scale complex solid state architectures. The Polymer-Derived Ceramics (PDCs) route offers new preparation opportunities in ceramic sciences. The molecular origin of preceramic polymers and the possibility to shape then pyrolyze them into advanced materials play a major role in the preparation of ceramics endowed with properties that reach far beyond those of existing materials. Here, the aim of this work is to prepare and characterize TiC(N)/SiC(N) nanocomposites to offer functionalities to SiC. The chemistry behind the synthesis of these polymers as well as their processability to prepare dense pieces will be presented and discussed. The characterization of the materials will be done at each step of their elaboration process.