Relaxation properties of bulk Co2Z with W and Y-phases in the 0.5-7 GHz frequency range at different temperatures

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08-092 Rodrigo Gabas Amaro Lima Migliano, A.C.(Instituto de Estudos Avançados); Lima, R.G.(Instituto de Estudos Avançados); Costa, A.C.(Universidade Federal de Campina Grande); Lemos, L.V.(Instituto de Estudos Avançados); This paper presents a study on the behavior of complex permeability and permittivity of a Co2Z ferrite, at temperatures between -40 °C and 50 °C, in frequencies from 500 MHz to 7 GHz. Complex permeability and permittivity data are presented for this frequency range. It was observed that the real part of permeability has low temperature sensibility from 1 GHz up to 1.6 GHz, caused by the overlapping of two different relaxation process. The presence of more than one relaxation process is attributed to the secondary crystalline structures found in the sample, Co2W and Co2Y. Outside of this frequency range, the temperature has a greater influence in permittivity. Havriliak-Negami (HN) functions were used to describe permeability behavior for each temperature.
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