Fabrication of composites and ceramics with periodic texture and mechanical properties.

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03-026 Hortense Le Ferrand Le Ferrand, H.(Nanyang Technological University); Periodicity is a recurrent motif among many natural composites, such as in the hammer of the mantis shrimp or in the osteon structures of our bones. In these examples, mineral crystals and assembled into periodic arrangements that inevitably result in periodic variation in mechanical properties, leading to damage-tolerance. Crack deflection at the interface, crack arrest in the softer layers or filtering of stress waves by scattering are mechanisms held responsible for this flow resistance. Ceramics or highly reinforced composites are stiff, strong and hard, yet they break with catastrophic failure. Here, I will describe how it is possible to manufacture highly packed composites and fully dense ceramics that exhibit textured-dependent mechanical properties. Using a combination of multiple assembly methods, periodic variations in microtexture through control of particle orientation, and thus in properties can be incorporated into these materials at micrometric length-scales. Examples of the mesoscopic and macroscopic mechanical response of these new dense composites and ceramics will be discussed. The methods described enabling at the same time periodic microstructures, tunable composition and macroscopic shapes, open new possible paths for the design of impact-resistant bio-inspired materials.
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