Cellular carbon materials from a sustainable source: synthesis and applications

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17-070 Gisele Amaral-Labat Amaral-Labat, G.(University of São Paulo); QUIRINO, S.F.(INPE); Labat Marcos, R.(UNINOVE); da Silva, E.L.(UFRGS); Cuña, A.(Facultad de Química - Universidad de la República); MALFATTI, C.F.(UFRGS); Baldan, M.R.(INPE); Lenz e Silva, G.F.(Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo); The kraft liquor residue is substantially rich in polyphenolic molecules, the lignin, and such byproduct is currently undervalued because of the expensive steps of purification to isolate the macromolecule, minimizing its viability on a large-scale use. This work showed an alternative methodology to produce porous carbon foams from the integral use of the raw black liquor. Cellular carbon foams were easily synthesized by chemical polymerization of the raw black liquor in alkaline medium using Poly (methyl methacrylate) polymer (PMMA) in spherical format, as a "template" for the development of "micro" porosity and subsequent carbonization of the material followed by washing to recovery some inorganics. The materials obtained presented low density (0.36 g/mL), high porosity (78%) and good thermal stability. Images of X-ray tomography and SEM (Scanning electron microscope) showed the high porosity of the material and despite some cracks, the material presented a good mechanical stability. The SEM images also revealed nano-metric structures showing the viability of the material for several applications such as the energy storage. The material is produced with a large amount of renewable and low cost by-product representing an advantageous product for testing in various fields of engineering and also attractive to the current market. Different ways of preparation of such material showed their relevant potential for application in several fields: as electrocatalyst support for ethanol electro-oxidation in fuel cells, as biomaterial in bone regeneration and also in electromagnetic shielding.
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