Fabrication and mechanical properites of Porous Si3N4 ceramics prepared via nitridation of Si powder

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17-071 Yuping Zeng Zeng, Y.(Shanghai institute of ceramics); Porous silicon nitride ceramics (Si3N4) show superior properties compared with other porous ceramic materials in strength, toughness, thermal shock resistance due to the interlocking microstructure of ?-Si3N4 grains. In this work, porous silicon nitride matrix composites were prepared via reaction bonded Si3N4 (RBSN) and post-sintering, the influence factors, such as, heating program, silicon particle size, Y2O3 content on the mechanical properties were investigated. To investigate the relationship bending strength and microstructure porous Si3N4, different processing methods, such as, conventional powder forming processing, slip casting, and freeze-drying process, were used in preparation Si green bodies and the second phase, such as BN, C/SiC etc. were added to modify the mechanical properties of porous Si3N4. The results indicated that processing methods, second phase, as well as the sintering program have great effect on the mechanical properties and microstructure of porous Si3N4 ceramics. The oxidation resistance properties, high temperature properties, as well as thermal shock properties of porous Si3N4 ceramics were also investigated.
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