Photocatalytic evaluation of the magnetic core@shell system (Co,Mn)Fe2O4@TiO2 obtained by the modified Pechini method

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08-102 Alex Meireles Neris Neris, A.M.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); Schreiner, W.H.(Universidade Federal do Paraná); Salvador, C.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); Silva, U.C.(Universidade Estácio); Chesman, C.(universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte); Longo, E.(Federal University of São Carlos); Santos, I.M.(Universidade Federal da Paraíba); Core-shell systems allow the combination of different materials and their properties, reaching more versatility for their application. In this study, the magnetic feature of (Co,Mn)Fe2O4 was combined with the photocatalytic activity of TiO2, composed by a mixture of anatase/rutile, leading to the (Co,Mn)Fe2O4@TiO2 system obtained by modified Pechini method. Commercial (Co,Mn)Fe2O4 nanoparticles were added to the titanium polymeric resin under stirring and heating at 333 K, followed by heat treatment at 573 K. The powder precursor obtained was deagglomerated and calcined at different temperatures. The samples obtained were characterized by XRD, XRF, XPS, FTIR, UV-Vis, SEM-EDS, FEG, magnetism measurements and BET techniques. Optimization of photocatalyst properties was achieved by variation of the TiO2:ferrite ratio, synthesis temperature and time, followed by their evaluation in photodegradation of an azo dye. The anatase:rutile ratio depended on the calcination temperature, the magnetic response of the systems was observed even when the percentage of TiO2 in the shell was very high. The samples with 90% TiO2 composition and calcined at 773 K showed an anatase:rutile phases ratio of 73:27 weight. The core-shell systems were easily withdrawn from the reaction media with the use of simple magnets, despite the decrease of ferrite magnetic response after covered with TiO2. The photocatalytic tests were performed with 30 mL of a 10 mg.L-1 azo dye solution and 20 mg of catalyst, employing low power UV lamps, under stirring and with different dyes (remazol golden yellow - RNL or methylene blue - MB). The system reached 76% of RNL solution decolorization after 16 h.
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