Tailoring architecture and microstructure in bio-inspired layered ceramics

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03-033 Raul Bermejo Bermejo, R.(Montanuniversitaet Leoben); Messing, G.L.(The Pennsylvania State University); The design of “bio-inspired” layered ceramic composites with weak or strong interfaces can yield significant increase in the failure resistance of the material and, in some cases, hinder, or even arrest, the propagation of cracks. In this work, novel concepts are presented which combine different approaches used in layered architectural design to obtain highly reliable ceramic materials with enhanced fracture resistance. The use of tailored residual stresses in embedded layers within the structure is demonstrated to act as an effective barrier to the propagation of surface flaws, providing the material with a minimum design strength, below which no failure occurs. Moreover, texturing of the microstructure in embedded layers is utilized to provide preferential paths for conducting propagating cracks, thus protecting the underlying structure. A combination of experiments and modelling is presented, showing the potential of layered architectures in the design of future ceramic components with spatially resolved strength and toughness.