Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of PZT-PFN thin films

Reference Presenter Authors
08-112 Nora Pellegri Imhoff, L.(Instituto de Fisica Rosario - UNR - CONICET); Barolin, S.(Instituto de Fisica Rosario - UNR - CONICET); Pellegri, N.(Instituto de Fisica Rosario - UNR - CONICET); Stachiotti, M.(Instituto de Fisica Rosario - UNR - CONICET); (1-x)PZT-xPFN thin films were prepared by a chelate route based on the use of acetoin (3-Hydroxy 2-butanone) as chelating agent. This material has perovskite structure and consists of a solid solution between PbZr0,52Ti0,48O3 and PbFe0,5Nb0,5O3, considering that adding magnetic Fe3+ ions to the PZT-structure was proved to be a good strategy to develop room-temperature multiferroic ceramics [1,2]. In previous works an optimized chelate route for the fabrication of pyrochlore-free PZT was developed [3], and a similar approach was used to obtain the PFN precursor solution. Both precursors were mixed to obtain the different compositions and then deposited onto platinized silicon substrates Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si by spin coating and dried at 200 ºC on a hot plate. Two different thermal treatments were applied: Conventional Furnace Annealing (CFA) and Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) at 650ºC. Structural and morphologic characterizations were made by DRX and AFM finding coexistence between perovskite and pyrochlore, a secondary non-ferroelectric phase. It was also found that rapid thermal annealing favors the perovskite formation. Dielectric properties were measured and ferroelectric cycles were obtained at different frequencies. Finally, a weak magnetic response was found in the films, especially at those samples with high concentration of Fe3+. References:  [1] A. Kumar, R.S. Katiyar, J.F. Scott, J. Appl. Phys., 108 (2010), 064105. [2] A. Kumar, I. Rivera, R.S. Katiyar, J.F. Scott, Appl. Phys. Lett., 92 (2008), 132913. [3] L. Imhoff, S. Barolin, N. Pellegri, M. Stachiotti, J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol. (2017) 83:375-381.
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