Technical Training in Glass in Brazil

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07-034 Mauro Akerman Akerman, M.(Escola do vidro); Rodrigues, A.C.(Federal University of São Carlos); Brazilian glass production has shown significant growth in the second decade of the 21st century despite the economic problems facing the country. 
At the same time, the general profile of glass companies has noticeably changed, for instance, with large companies being split into smaller ones. 
Also, new companies with no technical support from a large group are emerging, which requires the implementation of in-company training programs. 
In response to these changes, a number of activities are being proposed in Brazil, which also reaches neighboring South America countries. For instance, the Brazilian Association of Ceramics (ABCeram), a traditional entity with more than 60 years activities and whose objective is to congregate people and companies interested in the exchange of technical information and development of ceramic materials sector that comprises glass, created a Glass Commission. The main goal of this Commission is to bring together glass technicians, suppliers of these companies, academics and, consultants that meet monthly and focuses on the development of the sector by implementing various actions in the area of technical glass training, such as: i) Glass technical meeting; ii) Glass School; iii) Workshop University-Companies in Vitreous Materials; iv) CeRTEV Course in Glass Technology.
Members of the Glass Commission also contribute to the discipline “Industrial Glass Production” offered since 2016 at the graduate program of the Department of Materials Engineering of the Polytechnic School from University of São Paulo.
Finally, members of the Glass Commission are providing technical support for the creation of the new glass technical course of the Paula Souza Center. 
The objective of this work is to present the projects in development aiming technical glass education and the management of this knowledge.
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