Self-biased magnetoelectric effect in particulate composites driven by grain size reducing

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08-120 Flávio Paulo Milton Viana, D.S.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Oliveira, A.J.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Jimenez, K.R.(Universidade); Milton, F.P.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Zabotto, F.L.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Eiras, J.A.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Garcia, D.(Universidade Federal de São Carlos); Multiferroics are interesting materials that present more than one ferroic property and have a great potential for practical applications. In addition, the coupling of magnetic and electric properties, the magnetoelectric effect (ME), offers news possibilities to applications. Recently, it was reported in some composite materials an unexpected behavior of magnetoelectric coefficient, the self-biased effect (SE). This effect is characterized by a non-null magnetoelectric coefficient at zero magnetic bias field, which is expected only for monophasic multiferroic materials. The SE could be originated by distinct phenomena, one of them is the stress of one phase in the other in composite materials. Thus, the variation of the temperature and/or grain size could lead at an intrinsic stress and in turn, the SE in ceramics bulks. There is a lack in the literature which involves the relationship between temperature and SE as well as the grain size of the composite phases. Aiming to understand the connection of these properties, samples with distinct configurations of grain size of the ferroelectric (0.675 [PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3] – 0.325 [PbTiO3]) and magnetic phase (CoFe2O4), ranging from few hundred nanometers to micrometers, were prepare. Moreover, the influence of the grain size and temperature in magnetoelectric properties were analyzed. Further, the anomalies in magnetoelectric coefficient were compared with those observed in magnetic and electric measurements at low temperatures to achieve a relationship between those properties.
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