Cemet composite with piezoeletric properties

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04-100 Bruna Niccoli Ramirez Oliveira, W.A.(Universidade Mogi das Cruzes); Escote, M.T.(Universidade Federal do ABC); Ramirez, B.N.(Universidade Federal do ABC); A cement compound with the addition of PZT was studied in reference to developing the mixture necessary to keep the components involved in the same proportions without losing their primary characteristics as mechanical strength and hardness. The elaboration of a cement composite with piezoelectric properties allows the use of the same as components as pressure sensors, prioritizing the structural verification in reinforced concrete of possible vibrations and efforts. The trace of mortar used to produce the composite was 1: 3, following the granulometry of each component. The additive (PZT) was added to the dry and mixed for approximately 5 minutes for homogenization. The amount of water mass was based on pre-established standards, which is 30% of the cement mass. The specimens were made with barium titanate zirconate, barium titanate and PZT reused of pressure sensors. The mortar was accommodated in metallic containers 3 cm in diameter and 5 mm height. The specimens obtained were compressed and the material was characterized by light microscopy. To verify the piezoelectric capacity were pressed and electrical response was observed through a digital multimeter.
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