Combining Technology Roadmapping and agile techniques for planning technology-based new ventures – a case of flash sintering of glasses

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07-037 Eduardo Bellini Ferreira Piccirillo, I.N.(University of São Paulo); Bacha, M.G.(University of São Paulo); Ferreira, E.B.(University of São Paulo); Silva, S.L.(Federal University of São Carlos); Amaral, D.C.(University of São Paulo); Modern methods used for technological planning can help to fill the gap between the technology development in the academy and the real need for market analysis and opportunities, and products. The Technology Roadmap (TRM) is one of such methods. The development of the TRM for academic researchers can help them recognize the role of each researcher in the group and the steps, objectives, and deliveries of the investigation. However, the long timeframe of a traditional TRM application makes difficult its implementation in academic centers. In this work, we propose a method that integrates TRM and agile project management to attain speed, flexibility, and focus in a research situation in the Center for Research, Technology, and Education in Vitreous Materials (CeRTEV), in the context of entrepreneurial universities. We tested the applicability of the method on planning a new technological development on flash sintering of glass, and the consequent products, markets, and businesses that derive from it. From a first diagnosis step, we selected the flash-sintering project as an innovative case to be developed by multidisciplinary researchers and transformed into products. The action research team consisted of members of the organization and the research group to which the authors belong, who proposed and tested the original contribution of the integrated TRM with agile techniques. A 12-hour TRM course was designed and offered to a multidisciplinary team of CeRTEV’s researchers (including undergrad and graduate students) and external participants, who projected a TRM chart on flash sintering of glass and also evaluated the course. We concluded that the new method can decrease project implementation timeframes and be applied in university research centers to support academic entrepreneurs understand the real customer needs and define new products concept development with the discovered technology.
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