Bioinspired processing of ceramic composites

Reference Presenter Authors
03-039 Florian Bouville Bouville, F.(ETH Zürich); Le Ferrand, H.(Nanyang Technological University); Niebel, T.(ETH Zürich); Studart, A.R.(ETH Zurich); Heterogeneous composites with intricate microstructures are widely spread in the natural world where they are needed to fulfil the specific functional demands imposed by their environment. Understanding the principles of the relationship between microstructure and properties has led to new conceptual designs for multifunctional composites. Additionally, strong mineral composites in living organisms or even dense rocks can sometimes be obtained under much milder conditions than what is done industrially. However, applying the multiplicity of nature’s strategies to man-made materials is yet a challenge due to the lack of suitable and easily available processing tools. During this presentation, we will go through two newly developed processes: a cold sintering method inspired by geological phenomena and the magnetically assisted slip casting of anisotropic particles. These techniques allow us to reproduce the structures or mechanisms found in natural materials while adding flexibility in terms of compositions and/or fabrication time.
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