Wettability of commercial solar control glass, Part A: influence of the coating film composition

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11-031 Samuel Márcio Toffoli Massaro, N.(Universidade de São Paulo); Vaccioli, K.(Universidade de São Paulo); Valera, T.S.(Universidade de São Paulo); Luiz, M.N.(CEBRACE); Balani, V.(CEBRACE); Chagas, D.C.(Cebrace); Toffoli, S.M.(Universidade de São Paulo); The current development of the production of solar control flat glass via surface coating by sputtering process has allowed a great diversity of commercial products with different properties. One less studied property of such products is the behavior of liquids when in contact with the glass surface. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to report and discuss the wettability of glasses coated with different layers of materials, such as metals (especially silver) and dielectric materials. In this first part, the contact angles of droplets of water and other liquids lying on different commercial, coated float glass, at room temperature, were measured. The results were discussed and compared.
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