Synthesis and down-conversion luminescence of LaNbO4:Pr3+ phosphor

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08-148 Juscelino Chaves Sales Nascimento, J.P.(Universidade Federal do Ceará); Carmo, F.F.(Universidade Federal do Ceará); Façanha, M.X.(Universidade Estadual do Ceará); Vasconcelos, S.J.(Universidade Federal do Ceará); Sales, J.C.(Universidade Vale do Acaraú); Sombra, A.S.(Universidade Federal do Ceará); Nowadays, many researches have been done in the search of new luminescent materials whereas that these materials present applications in different areas, such as: medicine; renewable energy; sensors and etc. Due to its properties, LaNbO4 (LNO) is a ceramic that has been very employed for obtaining of this type of material and it was used in this work. Solid state reaction method was used for obtaining LNO doped with rare earth Pr3+ in 1% at mol. To obtain this material, precursor oxides were weighed according to the desired stoichiometry and La3+ ions was substituted for Pr3+. Thereafter, this material was ground and then calcined at a temperature of 1100ºC, being that a characterization study was carried out using X-ray diffraction technique. Through the Rietveld refinement was confirmed that the LNO phase remains in the doped sample and that there was no formation of secondary phases. The sample was sintered for a period of 6 hours at a temperature of 1200ºC and then down-conversion (DC) study was performed under 470 nm excitation, where were observed well-defined bands in the red region.
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