Outlook and trends of glass recycling in Brazil

Reference Presenter Authors
11-034 Pedro Garcia Lins Lins, P.G.(University of São Paulo); Toffoli, S.M.(Universidade de São Paulo); BERNARDO, F.D.(CONSULTORIA FÁBIO BERNARDO); Glass Cullet can be recycled infinite times, so collection of the post-consumption material of this important raw material for glass production is a key point. This paper presents an outlook of the situation of this matter in Brazil, comparing it to the reality of other countries. It also presents the discussion of standards for the limit levels of contaminants present on recycled cullet, to help users, producers, and collectors to achieve lower costs in managing it, and also comparing them to international values. Limits will be proposed for magnetic metals (iron, etc.), non-magnetic metals (aluminum, lead, etc.), organics (plastic, paper etc.), and inclusions (ceramics, stones, etc.).
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