Symposium: Cements and Geopolymers

Scope of the Symposium:
Modern societies are deeply dependent on cementitious materials, to the point where cement production sets the most mass-produced product on the planet. Moreover, cement production is foreseen to great increase in the coming years. Currently CO2 emissions in cement production are around 7% of the total CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, and can reach the order of 30% in 2050. This scenario has led to an accelerated search by knowledge-based solutions to mitigate CO2 emissions in cement industry. Therefore, this symposium focuses on scientific researches towards strategies to lessen environmental impacts in cements and cement-based materials, thus contributing to the modern low-carbon agenda in this field.

Abstracts on the following subjects may be submitted:

  • Cement Hydration, microstructure, and modelling
  • Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs)
  • Geopolymers and other Binders
  • Fresh and Hardened properties of cement-based materials
  • Durability of Cement-based materials
  • Innovative testing methods
  • Waste in cementitious materials
  • Innovation in cement-based components production technology

Symposium Organizers:

  • Chairman: Rafael G. Pileggi
    • E-mail:
  • Co-Chairman: Vanderley M. John
    • E-mail:

Invited speakers:

  • Karen Scrivener
  • John L. Provis
  • Ellis Gartner
  • Tilo Proske
  • Robert Flatt
  • Johan Planck
  • Viktor Mechtcherine
  • Dirk Lowke

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