Symposium: Electric and Magnetic Ceramics

Call for Papers

Scope of the Symposium:
The aim of the symposium is to bring together physicists, chemists and materials scientists from universities and industries, to discuss in a multidisciplinary way progress in electric and magnetic ceramics (ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics, (anti) ferromagmetics, magnetoelectrics, etc), including a broad spectrum of basic principles, advanced materials processing, characterizations techniques and potential applications and devices. All participants will be encouraged to present novelty and original contributions addressed to the state-of-art in their respective fields.

Abstracts on the following subjects may be submitted:

Contributions will be accepted (but not limited to) on Theory and Modeling, Processing, Properties and Applications of the following ceramic materials (heterostructures, single crystals, micro- and nanostructured, thin and thick films).

  • Ferroelectrics, Piezoelectrics and Pyroelectrics
  • Thermoelectrics
  • Magnetoelectrics
  • (Anti-) Ferromagnetics
  • Dielectrics
  • Electrooptics

Symposium Organizers:

Invited speakers:

• Carmen Galassi, Italy
• Catherine Elissalde, France
• Eudes Borges Araujo, Brazil
• Eung Soo Kim, South Korea
• Heli Maarit Jantunen, Finland
• Ivair Aparecido dos Santos, Brazil
• Marcelo Stachiochi, Argentine
• Matjaz Spreitzer, Slovenia
• Vojislav V Mitic, Serbia
• Xiang Ming Chen, China
• Yun Liu, Australia

Scientific Committee:

• Danilo Suvorov, Advanced Materials Department - Jožef Stefan Institute / Slovenia
• Ducinei Garcia, Physics Department - UFSCar / Brazil
• Luis Edmundo Fuentes Cobas, CIMAV - Chihuahua / Mexico
• Manuel Henrique Lente, UNIFESP - S. J. dos Campos / Brazil
• Mario Maglione, ICMCB - Bordeaux / France
• Miriam Castro, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata / Argentine

Organizers information:

José Antonio Eiras
Dr. Rer. Nat. José Antonio Eiras is full professor at the Physics Department of the Federal University of São Carlos and leader of the Ferroic Materials Group. He holds a Master's degree in Physics from the University of São Paulo / São Carlos (1980) and Dr. Rer. Nat.) from the Institut fuer Allgemeine Metallkunde und Metallphysik - Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule / Aachen- Germany (1985). He works in the areas of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science, with emphasis on Synthesis of Ferroic Materials (ferroelectrics and multiferroics - monoliths or nanostructured), Ferroelectricity, Electrical, Dielectric, Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric, Mechanical and Acoustical Properties of Condensed Matter. He is a member of the International Advisory Board in Ferroelectricity, the Editorial Board of the magazines Ferroelectrics, Journal of Advanced Dielectrics and Ceramics. He was the Chairman of the 11th International Meeting on Ferroelectricty (Foz do Iguazu, 2005), as well as other events such as: symposia or sessions at the National Meeting of Condensed Matter Physics (SBF), Brazilian Society for Research in Materials (SBPMat), Brazilian Congresses of Ceramics (ABC) and at the International Institute of Physics (UFRN), supervised 17 postdoctoral fellows, 19 doctorates, 14 master's degrees and 29 scientific initiations, coordinated 30 more individual and thematic research support projects, acquired through the development of projects of scientific cooperation and exchange, participation in events and thematic networks, and was coordinator of the Graduate Program in Physics of UFSCar (2004 to 2006 and 2010 to 2012). Since 2012 is a titular member of the Academy of Sciences of the State of São Paulo (ACIESP).

Liliana Mitoseriu
Dr. Liliana Mitoseriu is full Professor at the Faculty of Physics, Iasi, Romania and leader of Dielectrics, Ferroelectrics & Multiferroics group. She graduated in Physics (summa cum laude), she received the PhD in Physics in 1997 at University Alexandru Ioan Cuza from Iasi, Romania and in Chemistry for Engineering (degree Excellent) in 2005 at University of Genoa, Italy. She was guest researcher & invited professor at the Institute of Energetics & Interphases CNR Genoa (Italy), University of Aveiro (Portugal), University of Genoa (Italy), Institute of Science & Ceramics Technology CNR Faenza (Italy), Inst. of Physics, Czech Academy Prague (Czech Republic) in the frame of various international projects. Her main research topic is related to scale-dependent phenomena in ferroelectrics, oxides with phase superposition and ferroelectric-based composites. She is author of various books and book chapters, 186 peer review publications with above 3000 citations and five patents.

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